Stakeholder dialogue

For over 60 years now, A.I.S.E., through its network of members, has built up a substantial track record of constructive collaboration with a variety of different stakeholders at European and national level, ranging from value chain partners to policy makers, NGOs and academics, and also of representing the European industry internationally. 

A.I.S.E. and its members work closely in open dialogue with EU regulators (Parliament, Council, Commission), consumer and environmental non-profit organisations as well as academia. We also regularly partner with them on key environmental campaigns and consumer information initiatives. 

We make it a priority to keep in open and transparent dialogue with all interested parties as we strive to constructively contribute to addressing key environmental and consumer-related challenges.

We are an accredited  stakeholder of the European Chemicals Agency, ECHA, since 2007, and work together with it and all interested parties towards successful implementation of the European environmental legislation across Europe, notably REACH, Classification, Labelling and Packaging and Biocidal Products.

We are a campaign partner of DG Climate’s ‘a world you like with a climate you like’ campaign, and partner in numerous other European and cross-industry initiatives.

We hold an annual Information Day for stakeholders to promote transparency and open dialogue, and regularly organise lunch debates and workshop sessions with Members of the European Parliament as well as with other EU and national authorities and stakeholders to exchange views and identify new emerging issues and policy trends.  

Our network of national associations is also in close dialogue and partnership with relevant national stakeholders (eg "Forum Waschen" in Germany, "sectoral agreement on detergents" in Belgium, "pilot on environmental information information" in France).