Our commitment

A.I.S.E. places strong emphasis on collaboration and is a committed and reliable partner to policy makers and other stakeholders. We engage in partnership and dialogue with our value chain partners and related industries and also with external stakeholders at national, EU and global level.

A core part of A.I.S.E.'s mission is to represent the cleaning and maintenance products industry at the European level. We strongly believe that we can only do that by being a trusted and credible partner on matters where we can contribute. 

We bring to the table a powerful combination of expertise, insights and influence, drawn from our network of national associations, with their deep understanding and strong presence on the ground in their respective countries.

We lead as well as participate actively in collaborative initiatives that are relevant to our industry, particularly addressing sustainability, health and hygiene and information to consumers, and we hold an annual Information Day for stakeholders to promote transparency and open dialogue. This is complemented by a broad number of one to one contacts, presentations and other stakeholder workshops. 

The webpages which follow in this section provide more information on A.I.S.E. Industry partnerships as well as dialogue with EU and international stakeholders.