One of Europe’s hidden “motors of innovation”

The drive to innovate 

Innovation is one of the most important drivers of value-added in the industry. Throughout its long life, this industry has consistently sought to satisfy the hygiene, cleaning and maintenance needs of households and businesses. It achieves this objective through investments in innovation that deliver consistent improvements in performance, quality and value that are enjoyed by people in Europe on a daily basis. 

The industry’s commitment to innovation is founded in particular in our vision of a sustainable future for all. Changes in society and consumers’ habits, as well as innovations in materials and surfaces lead to innovation in the services and products required by society. The drive for safe products and user safety also motivates the industry’s on-going investment.

For over 150 years, the industry has steadily invested in innovation, focusing on customers, delivering better performance and value while keeping costs low. 

A socio-economic analysis of the industry carried out by the Huggard Consulting Group for A.I.S.E. in 2015 concludes that it is "now appropriate to recognise the contribution that this industry makes to Europe and its citizens. Its vibrancy is essential for our future. It is one of Europe’s hidden motors of innovation”. 

Investment in innovation 

More than 15 major innovation centers in Europe owned by companies in the industry
The industry as a whole typically invests 2-3%of turnover in R&D
Alternatively, this represents 8-10 % of resources consumed during the horizontal business process of creating new or improved products and services*. 

*This economic measure recognises that companies invest in science (2-3% of turnover), new product development (1-2%), and manufacturing, sales and marketing (4-5%) whenever new or improved products are placed on the market.

Industry innovation trends

Throughout the life cycle of the product, from product sourcing and design, to manufacturing and the use phase to the end of product life, the industry pursues innovation. The following trends in innovation make a real difference to consumers and professional customers in the safe and sustainable use of products: