Common tips for sustainable laundering

Consumers can deliver significant savings, as well as save money, as the use phase accounts for a significant proportion of the environmental footprint of detergents. This is due essentially to the high amount of energy required to heat water. 

In its ongoing aim to promote sustainable laundering habits by consumers at home, A.I.S.E, APPLIA (home appliances industry) and GINETEX (responsible for the textile care labels on clothes) have worked together in order to to jointly promote a set of tips for consumers to save energy and money. Together, the three industry associations are promoting the same approach to have a greater environmental impact. The tips aim to change consumers' habits and help them to save water, reduce their CO2 emissions and save money.  

 "By working on this together, we believe that we will be stronger in helping consumers making small changes to their daily habits. Did you know that in Europe, more than 1000 washes are started every second? Consumers can wash confidently most of their clothes at low temperatures whilst saving energy, CO2 and money. Such small habits changes can make a big difference, reduce the laundry environmental footprint and help fight climate change” said Susanne Zänker, A.I.S.E. Director-General.

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