A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning

Actively driving a sustainable future

The Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is the flagship voluntary sustainability initiative of the European cleaning and maintenance products industry. The aim is to encourage the whole industry to undertake continual improvement in terms of sustainability and to also encourage consumers to adopt more sustainable ways of doing their washing, cleaning and household maintenance. 

The A.I.S.E. Charter is a comprehensive sustainability assurance scheme for promoting best practices within the industry and covers the whole lifecycle of a product, from the sourcing of raw materials to the recycling of packaging after use. The Charter covers company sustainability standards as well as criteria for specific categories of products. These standards are established on the entire lifecycle of the product and are based on the most up to date scientific data to ensure they remain pertinent. 

Lifecycle approach

The Charter is a lifecycle analysis-based framework that facilitates a common industry approach to sustainability practice and reporting. It covers the human and environmental safety of chemicals and products, eco-efficiency, corporate and social responsibility, occupational health and safety, use of resources such as water and energy, and consumer information to drive more sustainable cleaning and washing habits.

Reducing our environmental footprint as we clean and wash

For cleaning and disinfectant products, the greatest impact on the environment happens when they are used, due for example to the energy required to heat water for doing the laundry or the dishes. The A.I.S.E. Charter incorporates the use of the industry’s safe use icons and sustainable use tips, all of which is communicated to consumers via the Cleanright portal.

Watch this short video to understand the relevance of the Charter for driving sustainable progress in the industry, and how its seal on products guides consumer choice.

Reporting on performance

The Charter is distinguished by its annual reporting which is independently verified. Since it was launched in 2006, the results of these key performance indicators have shown tangible and measurable results in reducing the environmental impact of cleaning and maintenance products. 

Highlights from this year’s performance report include: 

  • ongoing reduction in CO2 emissions and energy use 
  • decreasing consumption of water and generation of waste 
  • a continuous widening gap between economic growth and resource use. 


About the A.I.S.E. Charter 

  • The A.I.S.E. Charter is a scheme open to all manufacturers, distributors and retailers placing or selling detergent or cleaning products on the market in the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and UK. 
  • There are currently over 180 Charter members, coving the vast majority of the European market. 
  • Companies placing the Charter logos on their products can demonstrate to their value chain partners, stakeholders, customers, and consumers that they are actively working to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the wellbeing of society.
  • Independent third-party verification covers all stages. In addition, authorities and independent organisations recognise the Charter as a relevant and credible scheme.
  • The Charter includes company and product standards and is open to manufacturers and distributors in the household care industry and the professional cleaning & hygiene sector.
  • For information about joining the Charter, please get in touch with A.I.S.E.