Candle emissions standard

Building on its first Air Fresheners Product Stewardship Programme, in 2010 A.I.S.E. initiated a project that aimed at developing a methodology to measure emissions from scented candles, as a first step towards a voluntary programme of EU-wide emissions control for candles.

Building on this work, A.I.S.E. in collaboration with the Association of European Candle Makers (AECM) and the European Candle Association (ECA)*, submitted a project to the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in October 2012 to develop a standard for the measurement of emissions from combustible air fresheners. 

*AECM and ECA now operate jointly as the European Candle Manufacturers Association (ECMA)
These standards were handled under CEN Project Committee 421 "Emission safety of combustible air fresheners” and published in 2015. They cover:

  • the development of standardised test methods for the emissions resulting from the use of combustible air fresheners,
  • a methodology for the assessment of test results and application of recommended emission limits,
  • appropriate information to consumers on the safe use of the products related to the emissions. 
Official text of the standards: Emission safety of combustible air fresheners