Representing SMEs

Of the more than 900 companies represented through the A.I.S.E. network, two-thirds are SMEs, affiliated through their national association membership. 

Small and medium-sized enterprises are present across the whole spectrum of products and activities of our industry ranging from soaps, through dishwashing products to disinfectants and, all together, employ thousands of people.

SMEs are particularly prominent in the professional cleaning and maintenance sector in Europe and are also important contractors of major companies in our sectors. With their specialist knowledge and proximity to their clients, they are ideally placed to create and supply ‘niche’ products.

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Our services to SMEs

The A.I.S.E. network of members represents the interests of more than 600 SMEs present in Europe in our sector. 

We also tailor much of the work we do especially to SMEs, including organising workshops to help them with implementing European legislation, organising data sharing, offering expertise and reducing or waiving fees for their participation in industry initiatives.

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