Workers exposure assessment

A.I.S.E. has developed new tools to assist registrants with workers’ exposure assessment under REACH. 

Sector-specific Worker Exposure Descriptions (SWEDs) provide information on the conditions of use of products at industrial sites and by professional workers. SWEDs were initiated by downstream user sector organisations and have been then included under Action 2.3 of the CSR/ES Roadmap

The SWED template includes inputs linked to ECETOC TRA as a starting point, but can accommodate updates to ECETOC TRA as well as inputs to other models and measured data. The smart Excel templates guides the users also by incorporating ESCom standard phrases to facilitate the generation of the ES for communication.

A SWED describes the conditions of use relevant for one or more contributing scenario (CS). For the same activity, e.g. spraying of a product, the use maps could list the different combinations of Risk Management Measures and Operational Conditions that can occur on the market. Conditions of use might differ depending on the hazardous properties of the products and in such case different CS can be included to fully describe the different options.

To make an efficient use of such information, registrants are encouraged to base their risk assessment on the less stringent conditions, e.g. in the absence of RMMs if it occurs. If safe use can be demonstrated under these conditions, also more stringent conditions of use are considered covered. Differently, if safe use cannot be demonstrated, other stricter scenarios should be considered and communicated to the DUs accordingly via the ESs.  

For some uses included in the Use Maps Package no SWED has been developed. In those cases the assessor is advised to carry out the chemical safety assessment using the default conditions from ECETOC TRA for the relevant PROC.  


  • Download here the SWEDs V1.3 in Excel Format
  • All the changes are tracked in the document "History of Changes" available. 

Tables of SWEDs - Replaced by Improved Use Maps In March 2022

  • Update now available - Download HERE the SWEDs V1.1 in Excel Format and HERE the Chesar file for the full Use Maps Package
  • All the changes between V1 and V1.1 are tracked in the document "History of Changes" available here
SWEDs - Excel format (October 2016) -V1- Replaced by V1.1.