Information to users

From June 2015 onwards, the European Union is implementing a new system, called CLP, developed by the United Nations to ensure that chemicals - and products containing them - are classified and labelled about hazards in the same way worldwide. 

For CLP to succeed, it is important that users of products carrying the new warning labels notice the changes and understand what they mean. So A.I.S.E. has been active in raising awareness of the new labels people can expect to see on cleaning product packs, issuing a press release, a toolkit, two leaflets, web pages and a quiz about the new labels people can expect to see and what they mean.

  • View A.I.S.E.’s leaflet for consumers on the CLP Label Changes here
  • View A.I.S.E.’s leaflet for professional users on the CLP Label Changes here
  • View A.I.S.E.'s CLP Label Changes Toolkit (Released June 2015) here
  • View A.I.S.E.'s News Item/Press Release (1st June 2015) here
  • View the CLP Label Changes information for consumers on (Released June 2015) here 
  • Take the CLP Label Changes Quiz (Released June 2015) here