Supporting new priorities at EU level

A.I.S.E. welcomes the much-anticipated Commission von der Leyen’s six priorities for 2019-2024 and the detailed plans that followed, in particular the European Green Deal. Our industry is ready to embrace the new opportunities and fundamental changes presented by the Green Deal, including notably the Circular Economy Action Plan, the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the new Industrial Strategy and the climate initiatives.

Download A.I.S.E.'s 2020-2021 deliverables: Contributing to the Commission's 2019-2024 ambitions (detailed version)


European Commission priorities (2019-2024)

  1. An economy that works for people "working for social fairness and prosperity”
  2. A European Green Deal "striving to be the first climate-neutral continent”
  3. A Europe fit for the digital age "empowering people with a new generation of technologies”
  4. Promoting our European way of life "building a union of equality in which we all have the same access to opportunities”
  5. A stronger Europe in the world "strive for more by strengthening our unique brand of responsible global leadership.


The cleaning and maintenance industry a critical role to play in serving the public, offering the highest quality products for cleaning, maintenance and hygiene, whilst striving to minimise its environmental impact. A.I.S.E.’s priorities are fully aligned with the environmental and digital agenda of the Commission, and we look forward to a transformative dialogue between our members, the policy-makers and partners across the value chain for unlocking opportunities that will lead us to a better future together.

See how A.I.S.E.'s 2020-2021 work already contributes directly to the Commission’s priorities.