Updated Product Stewardship Programme for capsules and updates safe use icon released today

A.I.S.E. has just released the latest version of the Product Stewardship Programme for Liquid Detergent Capsules ("PSP 2021”). Aimed at promoting the safe design and use of liquid detergent capsules, this PSP update builds on the former aggregated text and is further completed, notably  regarding the mandatory safety message to be used on advertising (e.g. further precisions concerning use in social media channels) ; it also provides an updated version of the set of yellow patches, for even better consumer comprehension (available at the link herewith).

All companies having signed the former version of the PSP are invited to re-sign their commitment on the basis of this 2021 PSP.
New signatories i.e. companies responsible for the distribution of liquid detergent capsules are welcome to join this commitment. All relevant commitment material is available from the PSP page.
In addition to this, A.I.S.E. releases today a slightly new version of the latest safe use icon entitled ‘Do not tear apart stuck capsules’ (initially launched in July 21), in order to make it more clearly understood by consumers. This icon, available for voluntary use, can be retrieved from this page on the A.I.S.E. artwork page on the public site.
In case you have any question, feel free to contact:
Valérie Séjourné (valerie.sejourne@aise.eu) or Jan Robinson (jan.robinson@aise.eu) on the PSP general requirements 
Zivile Kairyte (zivile.kairyte@aise.eu) or Valérie Séjourné (valerie.sejourne@aise.eu) for the artwork material.