Successful indoor air quality product stewardship audit

The A.I.S.E. Product Stewardship Programme (PSP) for air fresheners is a voluntary initiative by A.I.S.E. that aims at promoting best practices. The first programme was launched in 2007 and the second programme in 2016. This was done through a commitment by industry to manufacture air fresheners responsibly and to communicate to consumers in a clear and transparent way how to use them safely. In this way, consumers are able to make an informed choice when buying and using air fresheners.

At the end of 2019, there were some 469 million products manufactured and/or placed on the market that were compliant with the industry product stewardship programme. Updated figures will be published later this year. 

In December 2020, A.I.S.E. carried out its first audit of the PSP through an external consultant. The audit was successful. The questionnaire for compliance check was assessed by the auditor and it was concluded the rationale being used by companies was sound and effective.