Six life cycle studies used for A.I.S.E.’s Charter officially published

In October 2015, the scientific journal "Environmental Sciences Europe” published a research article entitled ‘A compilation of life cycle studies for six household detergent product categories in Europe: the basis for product-specific A.I.S.E. Charter Advanced Sustainability Profiles’. The article is co-authored by Sascha Nissen (A.I.S.E.), Laura Golsteijn (PRé Consultants), Rimousky Menkveld (PRé Consultants), Henry King (Unilever), Christine Schneider (Henkel AG & Co. KGaA) and Diederik Schowanek (Procter & Gamble). It recognises the scientific life cycle work which constitutes the basis of Charter product criteria for these six categories. The article is available free of charge here

Since its publication on 5 October 2015 it was read over 500 times. 

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