Safe use of products promoted by A.I.S.E at ECHA’s conference on enforcement

A.I.S.E.’s Keep Caps from Kids campaign and the detergent industry’s learnings on child-resistant fastenings will be presented today to the ECHA Open Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement by A.I.S.E., as an accredited stakeholder to ECHA. 

Keep Caps from Kids is an industry voluntary initiative designed to promote the safe use and safe storage of liquid laundry detergent capsules and is targeted at parents and minders of young children. The campaign initiated in 2014 is spread through its amplification through nearly 25 partners across Europe, including Poison Control Centres, NGOs, and child safety organisations such as the European Child Safety Alliance. The campaign remains open to all interested parties.

The challenges and opportunities of the bridging principles and mixture classification under CLP and DetNet, as well as labelling of treated article under BPR will also be shared. Detnet is an A.I.S.E. initiated tool to classify and label detergent and cleaning products, making use of weight of evidence with expert judgement or bridging principles. It brings together 243 active experts, in 149 companies and to date, already 1370 mixtures have been classified thanks to this tool. 

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Keep Caps from Kids campaign