Publication of new Activity & Sustainability Report 2018-2019

A.I.S.E. has published it's annual Activity & Sustainability Report 2018-2019. The new report was presented at the A.I.S.E. General Assembly in Milan on 20 June. The four chapters of the report focus very specifically on:

  1. The A.I.S.E network: the strong membership across Europe of 29 national associations, 17 corporate members and 11 value chain members and the strength of the industry’s contri-bution to the EU economy; 
  2. The benefits of cleanliness and hygiene in and outside the home, keeping our homes clean, ensuring our wellbeing and fundamentally sustaining society with professional clean-ing solutions;
  3. A.I.S.E.’s active contribution to the UN and EU sustainable development priorities, through a series of impactful industry initiatives, notably the A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning;
  4. Regulatory priorities (notably CLP, Biocides & Detergent Regulations) and considerations for the digitalisation of label information, and the opportunities that simpler labels and customised online information can provide to drive safer use of products. 

This year’s report additionally includes a special 4-page feature focussing on the EU Plastics Strategy, and our industry’s activities to concretly support the EU vision. These initiatives are taking place in close interaction with all stakeholders in the value chain at both EU and national level, and the overall picture shows a drive to achieve a truly sustainable and circular use of plastics in Europe, throughout all phases of the lifecycle. 

Some key economic and sustainability figures highlighted in this year’s report include:
  • An overall market value in 2018 of €36,7 billion, representing a growth of 2.2% growth vs. 2017 
  • More than 230 companies as members of the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning
  • 1,5 billion consumer products now carrying the Charter ASP criteria
  • 33% reduction in energy use; 40% reduction in CO2 emissions; and 32% reduction in packaging since 2006.