Palm kernel oil derivatives in detergents

The detergents industry is investing in optimising palm kernel oil as a bio-based raw material and is commitment to sustainable sourcing. Palm kernel oil derivatives are used as surfactants in detergents to ensure an adequate cleaning functionality as they attack and remove the dirt. 

An increasing number of detergent manufacturers source palm kernel oil from suppliers that adhere to recognised certification schemes and standards that ensure the sustainability of their supply chain, e.g. RSPO.

RSPO's Head of European Operations, Dr Inke van der Sluijs says, "We very much welcome the effort by A.I.S.E to raise the awareness about the sustainable sourcing of palm oil derivatives such as palm kernel oil, and look forward to future collaborations. Industries that plan ahead and prioritise corporate responsibility will be in the best position to thrive in a market where consumer spending is increasingly driven by views on a company’s social, ethical, and environmental values. And, RSPO’s certification standard for supply chain sustainability is a necessary tool to achieve this."

A.I.S.E. has published a new factsheet outlining how palm kernel oil derivatives are used in detergents products, and the industry's commitment to sustainable sourcing of the ingredient.