New edition of KEEP CAPS FROM KIDS campaign launched

Consumer engagement


A.I.S.E   has launched a new edition of its pan-European safety campaign "KEEP CAPS FROM KIDS”, active since 2014. This campaign is addressed to parents and people looking after young children, and aims to avoid misuse of liquid laundry detergent capsules. Concrete advice on how to prevent kids from being hurt and how to use capsules safely and store them out of the reach of children, can be found on the multi-lingual campaign website featuring a video, infographics, articles and a photo gallery in 26 languages.  

"Safety of our consumers is of paramount importance to our industry. Despite specific education efforts made by industry, we unfortunately continue to see incidents occur. One key barrier to the wide adoption of safe use practices is that parents still underestimate the consequences of unsafe storage. The new website therefore aims to be more explicit about the potential consequences of misuse and provides storage tips for households”. says Susanne Zänker, Director General of A.I.S.E.  

Initiated by the detergent industry, the campaign is supported by institutional partners across Europe including the European Child Safety Alliance, and numerous other relevant stakeholders (e.g. consumer NGOs, ministries of health, Poison Control Centres, associations of paediatricians) who help promote the safety message. New partners are welcome to join the campaign and are not required to be members of A.I.S.E. or a national association. Being a campaign partner is free of charge and allows free use to all elements of the communications toolkit. 

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