New 2020 survey findings released on consumers’ habits and perceptions of the industry

A.I.S.E. releases new findings today on the evolution of consumers’ habits in the areas of washing, cleaning and sustainability at home as well as their perception of the industry. 

The information is the outcome of a pan-European survey carried out in 23 countries with circa 4500 respondents. Fieldwork was done in February 2020. To assess whether and to what extent perceptions may have changed during COVID-19 pandemic, part of the research was re-run in June. The findings published today include some assessment of the likely impact of the pandemic. However, a more detailed comparison of will be situation will be communicated at a later stage.

Highlights from the 2020 survey findings

Continued understanding of the benefits of a clean home
Importance of cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces reinforced since COVID-19
Acknowledgement of the need for products to clean homes and workplaces
Preference for liquid laundry detergents, opportunities for more sustainable habits
Growth in penetration of household dishwashers
Awareness of product safety, opportunities for safer storage
Good sorting habits for packaging at home, high expectations of brands
Growing interest in digitalisation of information