Low temperature campaign I Prefer 30° close-out report issued

Consumer engagement
A.I.S.E. has published a close-report of wave 2 of the I Prefer 30° voluntary industry consumer campaign promoting low temperature washing. The I Prefer 30° campaign has promoted the benefits of washing at 30° since its launch across five countries in Europe in 2014. This multi-stakeholder campaign involved corporate sponsors and was spread by the national associations, partners from the retail environment, consumer and environmental NGOs and other related industries.  

Wave 2 (2016-2018) focussed on PR activities in Belgium and France, and the close-out report has detailed annexes on the social media campaigns, media coverage and face-to-face engagement with consumers.  Although the activation period of this campaign is now officially over, the webportal remains a source of inspiration for all stakeholders: industry sponsors, partners and consumers, to remain focussed on long-term change to more sustainable washing habits, opting for lower temperature washing! 

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