'I prefer 30°C' Low Temperature Washing Campaign: A.I.S.E. announces 2016 relaunch

Building on the success of the first wave of the campaign, A.I.S.E. launches today the sequel of the 'I prefer 30˚C' campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of low temperature washing and lowering the energy footprint of the detergent sector. The A.I.S.E. campaign and consumer portal www.iprefer30.eu have been promoted since 2013 through this unique multi-stakeholder campaign supported by more than 30 partner organisations. A.I.S.E. is now pursuing this campaign vis-à-vis consumers with dedicated activities in Belgium, France, Denmark and the UK throughout 2016. 

Partners from the detergent industry but also its value chain, such as the textile and appliances sectors, but also retailers, NGOs and authorities are invited to join this unique stakeholder movement!

Partnering is simple with the step-by-step guide provided on the campaign portal www.iprefer30.eu under 'Become a Partner' or email: info@iprefer30.eu

To view activities completed during wave 1 of 'I prefer 30˚C' please download the campaign close out report.