The COVID-19 outbreak: A.I.S.E.'s active role in support of the crisis

Corporate communication
A.I.S.E. published the following public position 26 March 2020

A.I.S.E., the association representing the European cleaning and hygiene products industry is a strategic sector in the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. A.I.S.E. and its members are actively supporting authorities and healthcare professionals to manage the current public health crisis, ensuring that essential cleaning, hygiene and disinfectant products can be made available and delivered at a fast pace.

Our companies manufacture cleaning, hygiene and disinfectant products in a wide variety and for different purposes. Disinfectants* produced by the professional cleaning & hygiene sector are key to help combat the spread of the virus in hospitals and food manufacturing facilities as well as other key industries.

Our industry wishes to remind the public of the importance of good hygienic cleaning practices at home. These come on top of the critical need for thorough and frequent hand washing, as recommended by WHO since the start of this outbreak, with soap and water or alcohol-based solutions.

The availability of cleaning, hygiene and disinfectant products is the industry’s first priority, and to achieve this, our sector is in close contact with the relevant authorities at EU and national level. In the current crisis, certain raw materials are in short supply, factories may be understaffed, and our members are experiencing unprecedented logistical challenges in moving supplies and products across borders. In order to ensure the continued supply of these essential products, priority access to raw materials and packaging, as well as logistical support from the authorities, is essential. It is fundamental to protect the health of the population whilst avoiding disruptions to the free movement of key professionals and strategic industries, in particular the delivery of goods and essential services across Europe.

We applaud the efforts to date to ensure continued supply. We call on EU and national authorities to continue to find flexible solutions in transport/logistics of products and ingredients, but also in enabling the production of disinfectants as well as in expediting the pre-marketing biocidal product authorisation procedures. We stand ready to do our part to address this unprecedented public health crisis.

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*Note on disinfectants

Disinfectants with viricidal efficacy for product types:
-Product type 1 (disinfectants for humanhygiene purposes)
-Product type 2 (general disinfectants)
-Product type 4 (disinfectants for food and feed areas)

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