European Cleaning Days 2015 - Spreading the benefits of professional cleaning

Professional cleaning is the branch of the cleaning industry responsible for providing clean, hygienic and safe conditions in places like offices, hospitals, airports, train stations, etc.. Creating a cleaner environment not only in our homes, but, also in areas accessible to a large number of people is the key to secure public health, comfort and well-being – in all areas of our lives. The quality of local environment, and, in particular, the cleanliness of streets, buildings and offices, shows how suitable an area is as a place to live or work. 
The ECD (European Cleaning Days)  objective is to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of professional cleaning and hygiene in Europe and to inspire society and public to take responsibility and actions for creating a cleaner environment. It also aim at inspiring students and people of all ages to pursue careers in cleaning-related fields, i.e., chemistry, machinery, related science, technology, and engineering.
The campaign is starting as from May 2015 and unites various organizations in detergents, equipment and contractors industries in a partnership meant to highlight the growing importance of professional cleaning all over Europe.
Participating members, who have years of experience in professional cleaning industry, will show its importance and effectiveness. An extensive range of awareness-raising campaigns and initiatives across Europe will be proposed, involving people of various age groups and professions, in order to engage the general public to learn more about the necessity to preserve cleanliness in a wide variety of applications. 
Activities, among others, will include school visits with lectures on cleaning, tours for pupils and students, open days in cleaning related manufactories, exhibitions, and "cleaning in action" on public squares and streets.
The ECD campaign in particular focuses on the following areas of the professional cleaning industry:
- Detergents for cleaning and disinfection.
- Floor and high pressure cleaning: Buildings, business premises, and production sites.
- Municipal equipment: Mobile machines used in municipalities and other public areas.
- Cleaning contractors
- Professional Cleaning: The Key Industry for Health and Well-Being!
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