ECHA publishes Formulator webpages that include the A.I.S.E. sector approach (GEIS)

The recently published Formulator webpages on the ECHA website aim to provide relevant and useful information to help Downstream Users to fulfill their obligations under REACH and CLP. The main legal obligations of downstream users are outlined on the Downstream user roles and obligations page. The obligations on supplying information on chemicals also apply to distributors.

They also provide information on:
  • communicating exposure scenarios further downstream;
  • mixture classification;
  • communicating with suppliers;
  • what to expect to receive from your suppliers; and
  • what and how to communicate further down the supply chain with customers
A.I.S.E.’s approach - the GEIS methodology (Generic Exposure Information Sheet) - is described in the webpages and noted as one of the sector approaches. Click here

ECHA recently presented the A.I.S.E. approach during webinars related to mixtures with up to 1000 people in attendance.