DUCC and CONCAWE share their realistic assumptions for consumer exposure assessments

Press releases
DUCC and CONCAWE have published on their websites the guidance on Specific Exposure Consumer Determinants (SCEDs). The guidance document and factsheet are available under the DUCC website and CONCAWE websites

SCEDs document typical conditions of use of consumer products, expressed in a form that can be fed into the commonly applied exposure assessment tools. They are intended to represent realistic assumptions for consumer exposure assessments.

The guidance document provides advice related to the use of SCEDs for consumer exposure assessment, be it by registrants in their chemical safety assessment (CSA) or by downstream users (in case they need to develop their own CSA) or for other REACH processes, for example during the evaluation process. It is also planned that the SCEDs will be available for automatic application in Chesar 2.3, the chemical safety assessment and reporting tool developed by ECHA. 

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