Downstream users of chemicals celebrate 20 years of active engagement in EU chemicals policy and confirm their commitment to make CSS a success

On the occasion of ECHA’s Safer Chemicals Conference which took place on 6th October, the coalition of downstream users DUCC today expressed its willingness to pursue its fruitful collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders in Europe for the safe use of chemicals, calling for science to be at the heart of any legislative decision.

Created in 2001 following the publication of the European Commission’s White Paper "Strategy for a Future Chemicals Policy”, the Downstream Users of Chemicals Coordination group (DUCC) is a joint platform of 11 European associations whose member companies use chemicals to formulate mixtures for consumers as well as for professional and industrial users. DUCC’s membership represents several critical sectors for the lives of European citizens ranging from detergents, disinfectants, paints, cosmetics, fragrances, aerosols, inks, toners, adhesives and sealants, pressroom chemicals, construction chemicals, lubricants and chemical distributors industries. Being at a strategic place in the chemicals value chain, DUCC has been focusing its work on the downstream users’ needs, rights, duties and specificities under REACH and CLP, providing useful guidance material and expertise to key actors in the chemicals value chain.

With 20 years of active engagement in EU chemicals policy, the DUCC contribution has been highly appreciated by EU regulators notably in the European Commission and in ECHA. It is well reflected in a new website launched today, featuring quotes from various stakeholders who have witnessed the effectiveness of DUCC’s work over the last two decades. 

With the implementation of the new Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the downstream users of chemicals recognise the key role they have to play in this ambitious work. The key principles that DUCC conveys for a successful implementation of the CSS call for: the use of science and risk-based approaches at the heart of any legislative decision; the capacity to enable innovation and competitiveness; the call to align with global standards such as UN GHS and the need to secure a smart transition to digitalisation of the information. Susanne Zänker, A.I.S.E. Director General on behalf of all DUCC members, highlighted today in the panel discussion of the ECHA Safer Chemicals Conference: "The coalition of downstream users is committed to safe and sustainable chemical mixtures. DUCC is a key actor in the chemical value chain. We look forward to pursuing actively our 20 years of successful and fruitful collaboration with a broad number of stakeholders in Europe in the discussion on Chemicals Policy. DUCC has the expertise to provide help in defining concepts and finding appropriate solutions, and continue providing products and services which are key to citizens’ lives”. 

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