is now available in two more languages

Consumer engagement

The consumer website on cleanliness and hygiene at home is now available in Hungarian and Portuguese. is the official reference portal of the detergents and maintenance products industry to inform consumers about the safe and sustainable use of its products at home. The website offers practical and sound advice by experts, including advice on targeted hygiene co-authored with Professor Sally Bloomfield, Chair of the Home Hygiene Scientific Forum (IFH).

The website was originally launched in 2008, and was subject to a major revamp to modernise and update the site in 2020. Launched initially in English in February 2020, the portal is available today in ten EU languages, and will progressively be translated into 21 languages in the coming weeks, to be accessible to the 500 million consumers in Europe. As an industry portal, it does not cover any brand-specific information. is also available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Spanish.