A.I.S.E. supports EPAA project on new methodology approaches

The European partnership for alternative approaches to animal testing (EPAA) is a unique voluntary collaboration between the European Commission, European trade associations, and companies from eight different industry sectors. 

A.I.S.E. has been an EPAA partner since its establishment in 2005. 

The vision of EPAA is the replacement, reduction and refinement (the "3Rs”) of animal use for meeting regulatory requirements through better and more predictive science. EPAA strives for scientific integrity, transparency and construction collaboration.  

In the framework of the implementation of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), new demands in regulatory toxicology and classification and labelling could potentially increase the need for new animal testing. Now more than ever it is paramount to make safety decisions on ingredients using state-of-the-art methodologies, considering all available existing toxicology data without new animal testing. 

A.I.S.E. fully supports the project by the EPAA on new Methodology Approaches, and reinforced this during its intervention at the first High Level Round Table meeting on the implementation of the CSS on 5 May 2021. 

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