A.I.S.E. publishes Use maps and SWEDs to improve the quality of the REACH information

Corporate communication
Safe use of products is at the top of A.I.S.E.’s agenda and a key element to achieve this objective is an efficient process to generate and communicate safe use information along the supply chain. For this reason, A.I.S.E. engaged since its launch in the activities of the CSR/ES Roadmap and recently signed with DUCC a joint commitment with ECHA and Cefic to ensure that the whole industry cooperates to succeed on that.  

The latest achievement in this context is the publication of the A.I.S.E. improved use maps and the SWEDs (Sector-specific Worker Exposure Descriptions). A.I.S.E. has collected in a harmonized way information on the typical conditions of use by industrial users, professionals and consumers with regard to the products of its members. 

The objective is that from now onwards registrants will use available use maps for each new registration dossier and for any update of their chemical safety assessments under REACH. This would translate in more realistic Exposure Scenarios for substances used in A.I.S.E. members’ formulations and in an overall harmonization of the communication between different suppliers. 

More information on A.I.S.E. tools as well as relevant external sources of information are available on A.I.S.E. website