A.I.S.E. publishes new Activity & Sustainablity Report 2016-17

Corporate communication

20 June 2017 -A.I.S.E. has published its Activity & Sustainability Report 2016-17.

This year’s report presents the four pillars of A.I.S.E.’s new 2025 strategic priorities, namely cleanliness and hygiene; sustainable development; product stewardship and regulatory affairs; and a member-centric organisation. Our business activities and progress during 2016 reflect our commitment to implementing these priorities in every aspect of our business. 

The detergent and maintenance products industry plays an essential role in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in today’s society. The products, services and equipment provided by this industry contribute to public health and personal wellbeing, as well as an innovative, thriving and competitive economy, enhancing the quality of life of 500 million EU consumers on a daily basis. You will fine numerous examples of how we bring about these benefits in the report, through stakeholder engagement, voluntary industry initiatives, product stewardship and responsible and constructive partnership with EU decision-makers to ensure an effective and coherent legislative environment.

Highlights from 2016 include: 

Strong industry performance: a market value of €35,6 billion in 2016 (€28,5b household sector: €7,1b professional sector)
Strong sustainability performance: 1.4 billion consumer products carried the Charter Advanced Sustainability Profile in 2016; and KPI data shows a reduction of -34.9% in energy use and -30.6% in CO2 emissions over 10 years
Strong commitment to our role as a constructive partner in EU regulatory activities
Strong membership base representing over 900 companies across Europe.