A.I.S.E. Liquid Laundry Detergent Capsule report 2016 just published


A.I.S.E. Progress Report about incidents with liquid laundry detergent capsules in Europe

This 6th report, just published, provides an update about incidents with liquid laundry detergent capsules in Europe.  

Five countries are being tracked since the introduction of the AISE Product Stewardship Programme in 2012/2013 and more recently the EU CLP measures (UK, IE, NL, CZ, IT).  For each of these countries, the relative incident frequency for Liquid Laundry Detergent Capsules (reported exposures per unit sold) showed a substantial and statistically significant decrease.  

Compared to 2012/2013, this decrease ranges from 35.1% to 63.9% depending on the country. Versus one year ago, an ongoing decrease is observed in most countries (ranging from 14.1% to 41.4%), except in Ireland.  In most countries the incident reduction appears to have regained momentum after mid-2015.  This coincides with the introduction of additional safety requirements through CLP.  

Subject to further confirmation, this may support the assumption that the CLP measures have effectively contributed to reducing the exposure frequency.