A.I.S.E. has published updated SPERCs, additional SWEDs, and a new and improved REACH guidance

New Use Maps and REACH guidance (SPERCs, SWEDs, SUMIs)

This important update has been the result of extensive work and demonstrates A.I.S.E.’s commitment to supply chain communication.

After four years of work, A.I.S.E.  published four A.I.S.E. SPERC documents – factsheets, background and assessments by an external consultant.

The SPERCS (Specific environmental release category) are elements of the use maps and part of CSA for environmental emission. These important documents can demonstrate safety of use for approx. 80 % of A.I.S.E. products while avoiding individual testing. These documents will be of high added value for both the Consumer and PC&H sector.

Link: https://www.aise.eu/our-activities/regulatory-context/reach/environmental-exposure-assessment.aspx

  • Two additional SWEDs
The Sector-specific Worker Exposure Descriptions (SWEDs) provide information on the conditions of use of products at industrial sites and by professional workers.


A.I.S.E. have added two new SWEDs to the use maps: the AISE_SWED_PW_8b_1 and AISE_SWED_PW_8b_2 – for Transfer of products via a dedicated system (bottle/bucket/machine).

Link: https://www.aise.eu/our-activities/regulatory-context/reach/workers-exposure-assessment.aspx

  • A new and improved REACH Guidance:
Finally, as an important step to the revamp, the A.I.S.E. REACH guidance has been reviewed with a new chapter and the addition of new SUMIs linked to the SWEDs that have been added.

 Link https://www.aise.eu/our-activities/regulatory-context/reach/safe-use-information-for-end-users.aspx