A.I.S.E. Guidance on regulatory requirements for bulk & refill sales for consumer products

A.I.S.E. recognizes that selling of consumer detergents in bulk or via refill to the general public is a growing trend and that these forms of sales have the potential to be positive initiatives from an environmental and sustainability perspective. A common industry position on the topic is needed to ensure that these selling practices do not compromise consumer safety or lead to safety issues at the point of sale for either consumers or for personnel in retailers. 

Therefore A.I.S.E. has revamped our guidance on bulk and refill sales for consumer products, previous version Oct 2020. Thus, this document provides a high-level outline of safety and regulatory requirements that should be considered in the execution of bulk and/or refill sales of detergent products (biocides are out of scope). The intention is not to discourage nor to promote the solution, but to provide points of consideration in cases where bulk or refill sale are the selected option. This Guidance is intended for any company placing detergents and maintenance products on the market which are intended for bulk or refill sales.