A.I.S.E. emphasises the need to safeguard sustainability with a science-based revision of the Detergents Regulation

A.I.S.E. proposes that we take the time needed to revise the Detergents Regulation. Working in close collaboration with the European Parliament and the other EU institutions we must ensure a regulation that is based on sound science, takes into account the impact on the industry and continues to meet the hygiene needs of society.
During the annual A.I.S.E. Cleaning & Hygiene Forum last night, A.I.S.E. President Nadia Viva emphasised how critical it is for the European institutions to collaborate with the industry to ensure a coherent science-based chemical policy framework to foster innovation, investment and ensure continued safety for people and the environment. 

Responding to the speech of MEP Manuela Ripa (ENVI) during the event, Nadia Viva explained that "our industry shares the Green Deal vision and is committed to sustainable growth. However, we are facing extraordinary challenges - the scale, pace and volume of simultaneous legislative changes is unprecedented. We must work together to ensure a Detergents Regulation that can guarantee our essential sector meets the health and hygiene needs of society”.

A.I.S.E. represents over 900 companies, predominantly SMEs, from across Europe directly employing 95 000 people with an annual turnover of €42.8 billion. Our industry is highly regulated and covered by an extensive range of overlapping legislation that is at times inconsistent and sometimes even incompatible. With the Detergents Regulation and CLP revisions advancing ahead of REACH, there is a danger of introducing provisions that could create further inconsistencies and divergence in the future.  

Susanne Zänker, A.I.S.E. Director General closed the event by emphasising that "our industry is committed to continued collaboration with regulators to shape a Detergents Regulation that propels our industry forward in the EU while upholding the highest hygiene, safety and environmental standards.”