A.I.S.E announces growth and sustainability progress

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A.I.S.E announces growth and sustainability progress

Industry Growth & Socio-Economic Contribution

Brussels - 21 June 2016 The International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.) today announced excellent progress in sustainability results and overall growth in both the household and professional cleaning and hygiene sector. The association also launched its new Activity & Sustainability Report 2015-16.

The overall market value of the European industry today is €35.7 billion, broken down as follows:
  • Total industry market value: €35.7 billion
  • Household care sector market value: €28.8 billion
  •  Professional cleaning and hygiene market value €6.9 billion.
"This industry is a substantial contributor to the European economy and one of Europe’s hidden motors of innovation.  The public benefits derived from the industry’ products, services and commitment go well beyond the economic gains of the business activity”. 
These are the conclusions of an analysis done by the Huggard Consulting Group (HCG) for A.I.S.E, now published in a report entitled A Socio-Economic Perspective of the Industry in Europe.

Sustainability Performance

Very strong results are reported on sustainability progress. A.I.S.E.’s Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is a voluntary initiative by the industry to undertake continuous improvement, offering a life-cycle based sustainability assurance system for products in the sector.

Membership of the Sustainability Charter rises steadily, with more than 230 companies currently committed, with all manufacturing companies reporting key performance indicators (KPIs). In the past 10 years, the KPI reporting shows a reduction of:

·         -30% in energy use per tonne of production
·         -25% in CO2 emissions.

The number of consumer products now carrying the Advanced Sustainability Profile (ASP) logo and targeting ambitious sustainability criteria has increased by 29% to 1.29 billion units. From the laundry category alone, 41% of products comply with the Charter’s ASPs.
Read the full press release. 

More details are available in the new Activity & Sustainability Report 2015-16.