A.I.S.E and IFH release joint report on household hygiene

During a webinar hosted on WHO World Health Day 7 April 2021, A.I.S.E. released a joint industry/academia report prepared in collaboration with the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (IFH). 

The report is entitled "Developing household hygiene to meet 21st century needs: A collaborative industry/academia report on cleaning and disinfection in homes  & Analysis of European consumers’ hygiene beliefs and behaviour in 2020”. 

The guidance in the report is based on common definitions and science-based advice centred around the concept of ‘Targeted Hygiene’, as well as pan-European consumer research. This report aims to promote appropriate and correct use of cleaning and/or disinfectant products to enable good hygiene practices as a routine part of daily life under normal circumstances, as well as during a public health crisis.