Liquid Laundry Detergent Capsules Communication toolkit

Updated Yellow Patches, in line with PSP 2021 requirements, December 2021:

The following executions of the yellow patch for capsules are made available to industry members, in line with the requirements stipulated in the PSP 2021 , issued by A.I.S.E. in December 2021:

Hazardous LLDC:

- 0 PSP 21 safety baby (download)

- Execution 1: PSP 21: Standard patches Rectangular or Square:


- Execution 2:  PSP 21 : Standard Patch – Core (for companies having their own closure instructions on pack)



Execution2_PSP21_StandardPatch_rectangular_Core_bw (all files) 
Execution2_PSP21_StandardPatch_rectangular_Core_colour (bag, box, ingest)

- Execution 3: PSP 21 : Exceptional patch (only for packs of maximum 11 loads)

Execution3_PSP21_ExceptionalPatch_Max11loads_bw (bag and box, ingest
Execution3_PSP21_ExceptionalPatch_Max11loads_color (bag, box, ingest)

Non hazardous LLDC and other LDC

Keep away from children

Liquid Detergent Capsules Leaflets (for records)