A.I.S.E. represents the soaps, detergents and maintenance products industry in Europe. Currently representing 31 national associations in 39 countries across Europe, it comprises more than 900 companies, ranging from small and medium-sized (SMEs) to multinationals, active in the consumer goods and/or the Professional Cleaning & Hygiene (PC&H) markets.
You can consult the membership details of A.I.S.E.’s national associations on this website at members list. Both the member company’s name and category (whether marketing consumer goods and /or PC&H products or if an SME) are available for every company listed.
A.I.S.E. sister associations exist around the world and in particular, A.I.S.E. has forged close relations with the following :

  • Australian Consumer & Specialty Products Association – ACSPA
  • Canadian Consumer Speciality Products Association – CCSPA
  • Japan Soaps & Detergents Association – JSDA
  • United States American Cleaning Institute – ACI
  • United States Household & Commercial Products Association - HCPA
  • Associação Brasileira das industrias de  produtos de limpeza e afins – ABIPLA
  • Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry - Detergent Industry Committee (DIC) – Panarabian Peninsula (A.I.S.E. extraordinary member)
  • Federation of Egyptian Industries – Egypt (A.I.S.E. extraordinary member)
  • Ukrainian Packaging & Ecological Coalition (UKRPEC)-Ukraine (A.I.S.E. extraordinary member) 
For a generic overview of the main groups of substances used in soaps, detergents and maintenance products, please visit the Cleanright website (section "Ingredients”). 

As a result of the Detergent Regulation which officially entered into fore in October 2005, companies are obliged by law to list the full ingredients used in all their products on a website accessible to consumers.
Our industry has a long track-record of delivering safe products. These efforts are backed by regulatory requirements and voluntary initiatives of the industry. To learn more about this, please visit the Cleanright website (section "Safety”). 
Our industry is fully committed to addressing and working proactively towards better sustainable production and promoting sustainable consumption patterns. Manufacturers are continually working to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their industrial and logistical activities, and to use ingredients that are more environmentally friendly. They also engage in numerous initiatives to inform consumers about how to use their products in a sustainable manner. To find out about the main initiatives that have been taken by industry, visit Cleanright.
Providing consumers with information and advice on optimising product use while safeguarding health and the environment is of particular importance to A.I.S.E. 

The industry continues to support the objectives and implementation of European legislation to ensure the protection of consumers, customers, people at work and the environment. A.I.S.E. also pro-actively provides clear and straightforward information, through its range of voluntary industry initiatives.  Cleanright is the no.1 reference point for consumer information in Europe. The multilingual website provides consumer with a host of information on products and their safe and sustainable use.

More information can be found at Information to end-users

A complete directory of detergent manufactures in Europe does not exist, however, access to the names of the company members of A.I.S.E.’s national associations can be gathered from the respective national associations on a country-by-country basis or otherwise from the members list section of this website.
For further information on raw materials, please contact Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council), APAG (European Olechemicals and Applied Products Group), IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

A.I.S.E. is committed to work with all European stakeholders (EU authorities, NGO's etc) ensuring dialogue takes place in an atmosphere of trust. Contacts are carried out either on a one-to-one basis or through the organisation of stakeholder workshops on specific themes. The objective of A.I.S.E.'s involvement in this area is to maintain a constructive dialogue with stakeholders on matters of mutual interest.
All available and up-to-date market data for A.I.S.E. can be found on this website.
Every year A.I.S.E. organises an 'Information Day' which is open to all EU stakeholders interested in consumer and customer communication, chemicals safety, consumer products and sustainability. For information on this and other events which A.I.S.E. participates in, please visit the events section of the website. Also keep an eye on the A.I.S.E. homepage and news section for details of these events.
You may also consult the websites of our national association members across Europe for more information on related events/conferences which are taking place at local level.

All information concerning the various industry initiatives can be consulted on this website. Download the summary poster.