Laundry cleanright Panel (former washright)

A.I.S.E. developed in 1998 a series of visuals to optimise consumers washing habits towards more environmentally-friendly use of household laundry detergents across Europe (this was the 'Washright campaign').

Whilst being associated initially to the necessary commitment by companies to a European industry initiative between 1998 and 2003 (the "A.I.S.E. Code of Good environmental practice” implemented in certain EU countries), these visuals have been since 2004 made available freely by A.I.S.E. to any company placing household laundry detergents in Europe.*

To obtain an overview of the Washright campaign, please download the attached PDF.

Mid 2010, A.I.S.E. agreed to further fine tune the initial Washright panel in order to make it more up-to-date and clearer for consumers and to build on cleanright, the consumer portal in place since 2008; the updated version is the following:

Please find below the downloads of the Laundry Cleanright Panel in Adobe Illustrator and jpg format, translations and the legal and design guidance on application of the panel:

Central template material and guidelines

Translated panels

*: The visual below (tee-shirt in blue background) was the visual associated with the Washright panel when its use was linked to the company’s participation to the Code project mentioned above. The use if this visual is not permitted anymore since the Code is terminated since 2002. Its use should be replaced by the use of the Laundry Cleanright Panel above (see different formats available and the corresponding legal/technical guidelines).