Cleanright panel

Since 2005, A.I.S.E. has been promoting across the industry its Charter for Sustainable Cleaning, aimed  at  steering  high  sustainability  standards  for  the  detergents  and  maintenance  products  sector  in  Europe.  In  this  context,  some  mandatory  consumer  engagement  material  aimed  at  promoting the sustainable use of products is required. Most of this artwork has been developed on a product category level (see best use panels). A.I.S.E also allows, in case of space issues on pack, companies to use the visuals provided below in the context of the implementation of the Advanced Sustainability Profiles of the Charter (see details in Charter website). Those visuals are available freely to any company provided they would abide by the conditions set out in this document. The guidelines below have been developed to provide the  necessary  legal  and  technical  information  for  those  companies  wishing  to  include  the  Cleanright panel(s) in their on pack artwork.

Please make sure you read the legal and technical guidelines carefully before using the on pack material.