A.I.S.E. will this year  focus its annual Information Day on the benefits of the industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning sector. Imagine for a second what our lives would be like without cleanliness and hygiene outside our home in places such as schools, restaurants, factories, and our daily commutes, the list is endless! 

Representing almost 20% of the value of the total sector in Europe, with about € 6.5 billion turnover, the I&I sector is dynamic.  It is also characterised by the presence of many Small and Medium sized Enterprises which help deliver targeted cleaning solutions to their customers. These key features will be showcased together with the various contributions that the sector brings in the delivery of hygiene and sustainable cleaning solutions at the event.

Aimed at industry members, related industries but also external stakeholders (from the Commission, Members States, MEPs, NGOs), A.I.S.E. will feature the benefits of the I&I sector, and present the activities that are undertaken at industry level, through regulation of voluntary action, with a focus on hygiene/health and safety on one hand and sustainability on the other. 

Other stakeholders active on this topic (eg European Commission, Member States, related industries), will contribute to the conference and exchange on the topic. 

©Photo: Wetrok AG