A.I.S.E. Information Day 2013

Diamant Conference Centre


Following its long tradition of yearly information days and its 60th anniversary celebration in 2012, this year’s A.I.S.E. Information Day will focus on the proactive work that is undertaken by the industry sector to promote and secure the safe use of cleaning and maintenance products. A.I.S.E. will showcase its voluntary initiatives and activities towards adequate implementation of legislation, in particular with the forthcoming entry into force of the Classification and Labelling (CLP) Chemicals Regulation.

The 10th A.I.S.E. Information Day will be an opportunity to launch the Detergents Industry Network for CLP Classification, an innovative and unprecedented system of data and expertise sharing for the detergents sector, expected to deliver meaningful detergent labels under CLP together with relevant consumer information.

Stakeholders including the European Parliament, senior European Commission representatives, Member States and Industry will contribute to the conference and exchange in discussion. 

The A.I.S.E. annual information day event is a platform for the detergents and maintenance products industry in Europe to share activities undertaken to secure regulatory-driven and voluntary initiatives (eg Product Stewardship Programmes, Safe Use Icons, etc). The aim is to secure relevant consumer and professional users information to ensure that safe and adequate use of products is achieved through close engagement and dialogue with stakeholders. 

In particular, MEPs and their assistants, European Commission officials, NGOs, Trade Bodies, Permanent Representatives, Academia, Scientists and the Media will find this event of great value and are encouraged to attend.

A cocktail at the end of the event will provide participants with an opportunity to meet industry members and to discuss topics presented at the conference.