Competitiveness and economic growth for the detergents’ and maintenance products industry. Taking advantage of existing opportunities while addressing barriers to operate.

A.I.S.E.’s first "Cleaning and Hygiene Forum” will be an opportunity to bring together a large number of policy-makers and stakeholders with an interest in the industry’s developments to discuss the challenges faced by the sector.

In the context of the Fitness Check of chemical legislation, we aim to contribute to the on-going reflections on the effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, relevance and added-value of EU chemicals legislation.

In particular, the conclusions of the Cumulative Cost Assessment for the chemicals industry - commissioned by DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs – have demonstrated that across different subsectors of the chemicals industry, administrative costs are the highest in the detergents and maintenance sector. Existing and disproportionate burdens for the household care and professional cleaning and hygiene sectors should therefore be well identified and minimised in order to improve the competitiveness of the sector.

Innovative solutions and regulatory barriers will also be discussed with speakers and the audience.

Who should attend this event?

The Forum is open to all interested stakeholders, including:

  • representatives from European institutions (e.g. European Commission, European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and European Parliament);
  • Member States’ Competent and Enforcement Authorities;
  • representatives from Poison Control Centers;NGOs;
  • related industries, and value-chain partners;
  • A.I.S.E. members.
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