Our strategy

The Agenda for Sustainable Cleaning

The agenda for sustainable cleaning guides A.I.S.E. activities and represents a long-term commitment and responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future. A.I.S.E. defines its policies in line with the three elements of sustainability. They are:

Economically successful

A.I.S.E. aims to encourage sustainable delivery, in a free market based on sound science and ethical standards, competitively priced household and industrial cleaning products satisfying human needs, bringing quality and comfort of life.

Socially responsible

A.I.S.E. aims to contribute to society by developing voluntary actions over and above basic legal requirements, in order to support a sustainable society in which there is a high standard of public health, hygiene and safety.

Environmentally sound

A.I.S.E. actively assists the industry in efforts to be environmentally sound and reduce the potential ecological footprint of cleaning and maintenance products, by developing and promoting voluntary initiatives encompassing sustainable production, design and consumption at all stages of the product life cycle.

Twin pillars

A.I.S.E.’s strategic priorities to achieve this agenda and hence support the industry in realising its vision are organised around two main pillars of activities: product safety & innovation, and sustainability & end-user engagement. Core horizontal activities supporting these pillars in line with A.I.S.E.’s mission are advocacy & reputation, and management & members support. 

Solid foundations

A.I.S.E. bases all its work on solid principles of science-based solutions, a commitment to constructive dialogue with stakeholders and clear and transparent communications to end-users. 

All of this is founded on, and supported by, our extensive membership base which underpins and fuels the powerful combination of insights, influence and expertise that A.I.S.E. brings to the table.