General Assembly

The General Assembly is the governing body of the association. It consists of delegates appointed by members at an ordinary meeting held annually. Download the A.I.S.E. statutes

A.I.S.E. Board

The Board consists of national associations (grouped by region) and company representatives. The Board is responsible for the direction and management of the interests of the association and for taking decisions not reserved for the General Assembly. It meets, on average, five times a year. See the current Board members 2022-2024.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the development and execution of the work programme of the Association and takes operational decisions within the framework of the A.I.S.E. strategies. It creates the relevant working groups and task forces and ensures their proper functioning. It meets, on average, eight times a year.

A.I.S.E. working groups

 A.I.S.E. expert groups conduct specific activities of the association. They work on items of permanent interest (working groups), or are asked to undertake a specific piece of work (task forces) or to provide specific advice (advisory groups).

A.I.S.E. team

The Director General organises and manages the association in accordance with the directions of the Board. The A.I.S.E. team assists the Board and the Management Committee, as well as all other groups, and is responsible for the daily management of the projects and issues within A.I.S.E.’s remit. As well as that, the A.I.S.E. team serves its members by representing the industry at various competent authorities meetings and EU roundtables within the EU institutions and agencies. It coordinates policy activities, industry initiatives and scientific projects for the A.I.S.E. network of members to ensure the industry speaks with one voice across Europe.

National associations and direct member companies 

The national associations play a central role in A.I.S.E. They are organised at a country level and their members are companies of all sizes. Being well-connected and active locally, they feed valuable insights up to A.I.S.E. and at the same time, contribute to the advocacy strategy and support their members for the effective implementation of European policy and legislation at the national level. 

A.I.S.E.’s direct member companies similarly provide valuable insights and expertise. The teams that develop our positions are drawn from experts within the A.I.S.E. network of members, whether from the national associations and their members or from A.I.S.E.’s direct members, as well as the A.I.S.E. team.